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Top Evergreen Niche .INFO Domain in the Multi Billion Dollar Vehicle Industry is a perfect domain to create a global vehicle rental directory that provides information on available vehicle hire from all over the world.

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Seller's Notes is a perfect domain to create a global vehicle rental directory that provides information on available vehicle hire from all over the world.

Earn Money Online With A Niche Directory

If you want a reliable way to make money on autopilot on the internet, you should consider building a niche directory. One of the advantages of setting up a local business directory that lists several businesses in the same niche is that it can get targeted visitors easily. Even if there are just a few professionals in the business that you are targeting, you can still have successful niche directories. Directory sites can work very well even in small towns as long as there are enough businesses to subscribe to your listing.

How Directory Sites Make Money

Business Directory Sites are websites that list business information within a relevant business type category. The details provided in a business directory will vary. They commonly include the business name, street address, telephone number, a location/direction map and list the type of service or products the business provides. Some business directories include a section for customer reviews and feedback.

Local targeted web marketing provided by business directory sites gives you a resource that's far more reaching than the usual printed ads. It is also less costly to advertise online than in print, and getting your site in local mobile and search engine results is even less expensive than most other web promotions. Business directory local listings provide on-target search results. Most local business directory listings will offer features to help enhance your business listing, such as adding printable maps to your business, phone number enhancements such as adding Skype or similar services, a store hours display, and printable coupons for special offers.

Targeting A Business Demographic

Business directories work based on various filters, which allow users to easily find exactly what they are looking for, according to geographical location, types of products or services, and various other factors.

This is great for the visitors, but what's in it for you? Well, this offers you the opportunity to reach exactly the types of customers that are more likely to buy what you are offering (which equals better sales). And you must already know that targeting the right demographic is the #1 marketing rule. Do you know how many companies pay tons of money to marketing experts to assess the target market and find the right strategies to reach it? A business directory can do that for you, without digging a hole in your budget.


This domain could be made into a highly profitable vehicle hire website. The Vehicle Hire industry is booming and this is your opportunity to jump on the wagon and make some serious money.

The domain can easily be made into a recognisable brand. 


This domain is transferrable via godaddy. 

Any inquiries please contact me. Happy bidding!


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